Attain the Right Employees with Our Executive Recruiting

Now and then, a vital key employee may find a position elsewhere, find it is time to retire, or have another reason for leaving their current spot in your company. When this happens, it is important to hire a company to find the right person for the job, and in complete confidentiality. At SCG, we specialize in searching for the right candidates for your important positions with the utmost discretion. From sifting through resumes to performing targeted research into other companies, we handle it all. Everything is done by us personally—we never use things like job postings or boards to find your next employee.

Smiling Employees

Executive Search

After we find the right person through our executive recruiting services, we reach out to them, spend time on the phone with them, get to know them, and even meet face-to-face if you request it. We make dossiers and resumes for each candidate, as well as perform reference checks before presenting them to you, so nothing will end up surprising you in the long run. Once everything has been found to be in order, we set up interviews and salary negotiations. By doing this process, everyone knows what is to be expected and what is accepted before it is put in writing. Don't let the time-consuming chore of executive position search bog you down when we are always at the ready. As a retainer, we usually ask for one-third of the fees up front.